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MGJ Sp. z o.o.

Hardwood timber: beech, oak, ash, birch, maple and alder

What do we offer?

Many years of experience in the market

MGJ company has achieved its professionalism in the production process thanks to its long-standing presence in the timber market and the trust it has earned among customers at home and abroad.


Top quality timber

We take the utmost care in the process of receiving timber, which is carried out in accordance with the Polish Standards. Depending on the quality of the material received, timber is received in the following grades: A, B, C, frame, hardwood,mix A-C, mix B-C and gradeless (BKL). 

Repeatability of the offer

With us you can be sure that the goods you order will always be of the same quality and will not differ in appearance from the previous delivery. Our technology allows for repeatability of the product.

Modern machinery park

Our pride is our modern machinery park, which includes 4 pieces of sawmill machinery and 24 drying chambers, enabling us to saw about 50,000 M³. 

Comprehensive customer service

We are a leader in the production of dry hardwood timber and are distinguished by our comprehensive customer service. We offer high quality timber. The combination of these two aspects has resulted in recognition in the business community.

You get more than you expect

For the sake of our customers’ satisfaction, we have introduced the so-called pro-client reductions (along the entire length or width), which, compared to the competition, guarantee more weight.

4 frame saws

Our pride is our modern machinery park

24 drying chambers

24 drying chambers enable us to saw about 50,000 M³

365 days of oak seasoning

Our Strengths

Reliable business partner

24 drying chambers

Door-to-door transportation

Repeatable product quality

High production standards

Experienced experts

Comprehensive customer service

Oak seasoned for 365 days

Committed team

Modern machinery park

Timber protected during transport

Social responsibility


We support young people

our modern sawmill machinery


FSC Certificate

FSC®, i.e. Forest Stewardship Council®, is an organization responsible for the certification of forests and all types of wood and paper products. Following FSC® guidelines allows you to obtain wood without disturbing the biological resources and structure of forests.


PEFC Certificate

PEFC – The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization that supports sustainable forest management, monitored through independent third-party certification.


ISPM 15 Certificate

ISPM 15 affects all wood packaging material (pallets, crates, dunnages, etc.) and requires that they be debarked and then heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide, and stamped or branded with a mark of compliance. This mark of compliance is colloquially known as the “wheat stamp”.

Our products

tarcica buk

Beech timber

From our area (RDLP Gdańsk), which is the center of the highest quality beech in Poland

tarcica dab

Oak timber

Product from Kuyavian, Grand Poland and Masurian habitats
tarcica jesion

Ash timber

The raw material for the production of ash sawn timber comes mainly from the Masurian forests and Żuławy.

tarcica brzoza

Birch timber

The one we offer is characterized by a small portion of false heartwood.

tarcica olcha

Alder timber

Produced from raw material from Masurian forests.
tarcica jawor

Sycamore/maple timber

Our newest product, extremly valuable not only beacuse of quality and low availibility on the market.


With a passion for nature and in the spirit of modernity, we are an essential part of the furniture market.


We strive to introduce modern business solutions that will allow us to use resources more efficiently with respect for the environment and based on positive relations with the environment.

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